An Italianate cast steel table in the Empire style 20th Century


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An Italianate cast steel hall or center table made in the 20th Century, complete with a granite top. Excellent casting reminiscent of similar tables of the 18th Century, with good quality guilding.

Size; 72 cm D x 158 W x 90 H

Price £4,100

Rome’s architecture inspired the Neoclassical movement

Ancient Rome’s architecture inspired the Neoclassical movement thus the city was a major center for interior design made according to that style. Giuseppe Valadier was famous for making Roman Neoclassicism unique, including his bold and grandly sculpted tables. He was also famous for giving the city a dramatic face-lift restoring many of the ancient monuments and making grandiose classical marble tables, which were often gilded in gold to give a dazzling effect of wealth, just like in the Roman times.